{July 29, 2012}   Just noticing

The last 3 days have felt like Florida here in Hoquiam; hot and sticky. Every joint in my body feels as though I have a rack pulling me apart. Neither pain or muscle relaxant pills help.


I hate days like this; especially when you are down to 119 minutes on cell phone minutes and you have 17 days left.

Since my attorney’s offices are splitting partners, why does my attorney drop me and hand me off to the woman who used to work for the Social Security Office? Should I take this as a beneficial change? Or am I getting screwed like in every other department?

Taking a long walk off a short pier is looking better all the time.

What am I going to ‘win’ in this hearing? Hopefully a few more pennies a month so I can get a room somewhere, work out more, get fusion surgery on the back, a few classes at a local community college and switch my career direction. Then again life has always shot me when I have the most focus.

et cetera