{September 19, 2012}   How could he do this to me?

He got married! And did it without me.


{September 19, 2012}   A Eureka moment minus the excitement

I finally see where I rate with Michael. A month ago he was saying if we get an extra 400 bucks, one or the other would fly in and have some fun. Now that I have it, it’s kind of inconvenient to his new retired schedule.  I always hoped he would come around but now it’s time to cut the cord.  I think I need to check into a spa or something.

{July 29, 2012}   Just noticing

The last 3 days have felt like Florida here in Hoquiam; hot and sticky. Every joint in my body feels as though I have a rack pulling me apart. Neither pain or muscle relaxant pills help.

{December 31, 2011}   Hello world!

2012 is going to be an interesting year. I am at the bottom of my barrel and feel suffocated. Boeing got a new contract; maybe a new job will come my way. And somehow, someway, I need to get back to LA to see the man.

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